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Mr. Hundley Vision Statement


Northside Elementary is steeped in a long history of tradition where decisions are made 100% in the best interest of students. We understand that education is a process that takes time and deserves our best. We know education is the silver bullet that breaks down barriers and backgrounds, opens up doors and levels the playing field. Staff members will collaborate, counter and command high expectations for themselves and their students.  They will also understand that balance in one's own life is an important example to model.  Each day they will give it their best and then leave it alone.

As a staff we understand that relationships are the gateway through which students learn best.  All students in this building will have an adult they can confide in.  Those adults willingly bear the enormous responsibility of ensuring students feel safe physically, socially & emotionally at Northside. We believe in equity not equality.  We understand that each student has different circumstances, resources will be allocated based on specific needs that allow all to reach specific outcomes. Staff and students in this building understand that they are LOVED.   This is the bedrock of our journey.

We will have a steadfast focus on systematic structures and data as evidence of student achievement and growth. We know data tells a story that is non-fiction.  Our focus is to uncover what that story is and how to unlock the potential that lies inside of each one of our students.  The belief that all students can and will achieve at high levels resonates in every classroom throughout the building.

We know that mistakes grow us. Each mistake made is a lesson learned and progress achieved.  We will fail forward with the willingness to try new things by planning, doing, studying and acting to better serve our students.  We will define what it means to be successful for our students in each lesson, each day, each grade level and as a school.

As a Thoroughbred progresses from a walk, to a trot, to a sprint so too will our students progress from learning to read, reading to learn and becoming lifelong learners and lifelong leaders.  This is the Northside way!

Menu Change

Menu will change to Wednesday: Chicken nuggets & Thursday: Pizza.